Stress relief remains one of the most prevalent reasons that consumers seek massage – stress from work, constant stress, holiday-related stress, etc. In today’s plugged in, always on-the-go society, stress can be found in all aspects of consumers’ lives.

While some types of stress can be healthy for the mind and body, a 2012 study from the American Psychological Association (APA) revealed deepening concerns about the connection between chronic disease and stress. Research continues to show that stress can negatively impact health by:

  • Weakening the immune system, leading to common colds, sicknesses and even more critical medical problems.
  • Disrupting sleep problems, leading to fatigue and even insomnia.
  • Decreasing positive moods and feelings about yourself and others, leading to depression and an overall sense of unhappiness.
  • Causing headaches, upset stomach or digestion, and muscular tension.
  • Increasing irritability, anger, anxiety and nervousness.

elementsmassage200Though some stress will always be present in our daily lives, incorporating regular massage into one’s wellness routine can yield significant health improvements. Therapeutic massage has been medically proven to support health and wellness and can help counter the negative above-mentioned effects.

Aside from relaxation – both physically and mentally – massage can boost immunity, helping to fight off illness. Massage is gaining popularity among physicians and their patients as consumers become more proactive about their own health. They are realizing that receiving a professional massage – with the right therapist – can help build immunity.


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