“This is harder than it looks!” the struggling surfer shouted as she waivered back and forth at the mercy of the waves. Ah, such is the life on the ocean trying to ride the waves, and so too with our “summer lives”. The constant mix of balancing amidst the changing elements can take us on some wild rides during this summer season.summerbeach

Toss the family routine right out the window, as well as the schedule that worked so well in the past. With the kids out of school and “free”, your world can become topsy-turvy juggling swim lessons, summer school, and a myriad of engaging activities.

Besides playing the role of “cruise director” and chauffeur, you might find yourself working as a travel guide, planning a family summer vacation. Changing hats comes with the summer territory. Your once comfortable world can be jolted, like a giant wave washing over the surfer, struggling for a sense of balance.

Before the pressure of the summer waves drag you under, here are three steps for maintaining your balance:

  1. Remember that everything does not have to be “perfect”. The dishes might not get washed, the beds may or may not be made, or the dust may pile up on the furniture. Let go of the idea that everything will go “as planned” and “per usual”. Summer is a great time to practice flexibility. “Loosen your grip” on “everything in its place”, focusing on more important things, like really enjoying your loved ones.
  1. Find time for yourself. In your jam-filled day, carve out time for some practice that relaxes and nourishes YOU. A monthly message isn’t enough. You need a respite every day to connect with your inner authentic self to reenergize your sense of well-being. A walk, yoga, or meditation (or whatever) is vital for you to care for yourself. You need the peace of mind and a joyful spirit to maintain your balance.
  1. And when you do make time for yourself, small pangs of guilt may come your way. Don’t feel selfish for taking time for yourself. By taking time to support yourself, you are a role model for your children on how to take care for themselves. Remember the flight attendant admonition: “If the cabin loses air pressure, the oxygen masks will drop down….put your OWN MASK ON FIRST, and then take care of your children.” If you are worn out, frazzled, or grumpy you won’t be much good to anyone and the summer flux will drag you under.

So let’s look forward to these summer months, armed with these 3 “life saving” skills. Have a wonderful summer riding the beautiful waves enjoying your family, friends, and summer frivolity.

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