Spring Training is Here!

Staying safe in public is vital…Especially during the Spring, when the weather is nice and families are out having fun in large crowds and populated venues.

It’s that time of year again in Arizona – Cactus League Spring Training! While it’s great fun to take in a game with friends and family, it’s also a time to be aware of your personal safety when you’re in public.

Here are a few tips to help keep you and your family safe while enjoying the games.


Driving to and from the gameCar Safety Tips

• Keep your car in good running order

• Plan your route in advance

• Drive with the doors locked and windows rolled up

• Carpooling is a safe alternative to driving alone

• Don’t stop if another driver tries to force you off the road


• Choose well-lit parking areas

• If you have to bring valuables, keep them locked in the trunk

• Always remove the keys and lock the doors

• Be alert in underground or enclosed parking garages


• Avoid walking alone. Be confident & walk with purpose

• Choose busy, well-lit walkways and pedestrian flow to and from the parking lots

• Walk facing traffic to see approaching cars

Keep Your Keys Handy

• Earphones make you less able to sense potential danger

• Keep valuables in an inside pocket and, if you have to bring your purse, hold it under your arm so it is harder to snatch

Returning To Your Car:

•Have your keys ready before getting to your car

• Be aware of occupied cars around you

• If you carry packages, keep one hand free

• Check inside and around your car before unlocking the door


Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s)

• Memorize your PIN number

• Have everything ready before arriving

• Be aware of people loitering and sitting in parked cars who may be watching customers transact business

• Never use an ATM after dark

Public Transportation

• Locate well-lit and frequently used bus stops

• Check schedules in advance

• Do not wait alone

• Sit near the driver on busses

• Immediately report incidents of verbal or physical harassment to the driver