Divorce agreementWhen it comes to marriage, Millennials are waiting to tie the knot later in life than Generation Xers, according to The Atlantic.

And not only are Millennials getting married when they are older in age, they are also lowering the divorce rate.

At the eight year mark those who got married in the 70s and 80s showed anywhere between a 17 to 20 percent divorce rate, whereas those who married in the 2000s showed a divorce rate of roughly 14 percent, according to The New York Times.

However, a lower divorce rate could be a result of the fact that Millennials are waiting until their late twenties to early thirties to get married.

The Generation Xers age of marriage was in their early to mid twenties.

Overall, for Millennials less marriages means fewer divorces.

But another interesting fact about Millennials and marriage is more are deciding to live with their significant other before running to the alter, a practice that wasn’t so welcomed twenty or so years ago.

It’s also worth it to note that many Millennials are more career focused; in fact the Millennial generation is the most educated generation is history.

Graduating from college or grad school and wanting to establish a strong career seems to be the first priority of many Millennials.

More importantly, more women are graduating from college than men, according to Time magazine. Gone are the days where women solely ran the household and played secretary.

Because of this, many women are out to get more than a MRS degree. They want a career and independence first, forcing marriage to sit on the back burner.

But holding off on getting married young doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

With the divorce rate lowering because Millennials are deciding to wait, more marriages are lasting longer because they are morepoisoned-heart stable.

Millennials witnessed their parents get divorced, and perhaps the surge in single parent households scared Millennials out of rushing into marriage.

Whether it’s due to more women taking over the workforce, or the simple fear of not wanting to add to a statistic, Millennials seem to be doing something right by holding off on getting hitched.