neti potI suffer from allergies, and my allergies are gracious enough to last year round.

I have always been allergic to various pollens, trees and other environmental factors that irritate my sinuses and cause bad headaches.

Because of this I decided to seek treatment.

After electing to not do allergy shots, I found good yet brief relief with a naturopath. So, I opted to search for other treatments I could do at home and that would not cost me a fortune.

For me, I noticed as long as I diligently treated my allergies I could manage them. Other than taking the standard antihistamine and decongestant, I also started using a Neti Pot.

Originally from India, the Neti Pot is an ancient technique that has been widely accepted by modern-day medicine, and is recommended by 87 percent of family doctors, according to Science-Based Medicine.

A mixture of warm, distilled water mixed with a saline solution is used to irrigate the sinuses to alleviate congestion, and help clean the nasal cavities of bacteria and other irritants causing sinusitis.

The first time I ever tried irrigating my sinuses I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate relief I felt.

The swelling begin to go down within the first 30 minutes, and the feeling of a tickled nose stopped.

The next morning I woke up noticeably less stuffed up, with little sinus swelling and no pressure behind my eyes and cheeks. I was thrilled!

Now, whenever I am suffering from a sinus headache, pressure behind my eyes, or irritated sinuses I get out the Neti Pot.

Using a Neti Pot is simple and easy. After every use carefully wash and dry your Neti Pot so it doesn’t grow any bacteria. KeepingMy beautiful picture it sterilized ensures you don’t cause more harm than good to your sinuses.

Most drug stores and grocery stores sell Neti Pot kits that range anywhere from $5.00 for a standard kit, all the way to $60.00 for an entire electronic system. 

No matter if you suffer from severe sinus congestion, or just the occasional allergy symptoms, irrigating your sinuses with a Neti Pot is proven to be safe and effective.

Did you try it out? Let us know what you think about using your Neti Pot.