Group of a serious business people standing in a row in officeSexism in the workplace is all too common. No matter your age, race, gender, or career — it happens. Sexism exists because people are ignorant towards the issue. They aren’t aware that certain comments are demeaning, and just plain rude. It’s time to change that!

I experienced a great deal of sexism when I worked at a preschool. The school was completely run by a man who seemed to hire the same type of thin, blonde girl. He would give out raises randomly and at parties he would walk around throwing money in our faces. It felt like all he did was judge us based off our appearances. The more he was attracted to us, the more money we got. It was disgusting!

We live in a society that doesn’t seem to want to discuss the big issues. Sexism is a big issue and it’s one that we need to address. Here are 10 times that both men and women have experienced sexism in the workplace:

“I worked for a big company that consisted mainly of women. My boss would always make comments about how I looked in my suits. She would even talk about how nice my butt was. I think she was just trying to be funny, but it quickly became very inappropriate.”- Austin, 30

“I’m a social worker and my clients are always making comments that I don’t work efficiently enough because I’m a woman. On more than one occasion, a client has told me that he wished I was a man. He went on today, ‘If I had to have a woman I would’ve preferred a white one, in her 60’s.’ Not only was I being questioned because of my gender, but also my age and race.”- Krystina, 23

African-American businesswoman standing with arms crossed while others walk by.

In college I wanted to make a little extra cash so I applied to be a nanny. Parents turned me down because they felt uncomfortable with the idea of a man caring for their child. I was responsible, clean, CPR certified, and I was a few classes away from being an Elementary Education major. It didn’t seem to matter because all they saw was a young male.”- Shawn, 32

“I used to nanny for a family. The mom was super nice and I loved the little girl. But the dad crossed a line on many occasions. He would text me asking for dirty pictures, even though he was married.”- Brianna, 31

“I work as an event manager and I typically hire more women than men because I believe they are better suited for the position that involves creativity, organization, and personality.”- Ashley, 24

“The second I got hired at my new job, my boss took a liking to me. He flirted constantly and even called me “babe” in front of our coworkers. He had a girlfriend and yet he crossed every single boundary measurable with me…he’s still doing it.”- Kathryn, 23

“I used to work for a t-shirt company that sold college football shirts. They had girls “model” for the ads in an attempt to sell the shirts. They had girls walk around in inappropriate clothing and use their sex appeal to make money. And to mention, the place was completely run by guys.”-Rose, 29

Hopefully after reading this, you’ll questions your own choices. It’s so easy to think that sexism doesn’t apply to you, but I’m sure it does! You may have not been personally affected, but I’m sure someone you know has. A friend, a family member, a co-worker… someone you know has experienced a type of sexism. It’s time to stop turning a blind eye and start talking about what we can do to finally end sexism in the workplace.