Is it possible to have a good friend that happens to be a guy?

Two years ago, I was pressured into going on a blind date with this guy. His name was Adam. Adam was Jewish, from New York, and he worked in advertising.

The date was a disaster! We mutually agreed to keep in touch as friends because we truly did have fun, but we were clearly not romantically compatible. It has been two years since our date and we are wonderful friends. There is no sexual tension between us. Adam is just a great personable guy that I get to have fun with. We are even going to a hockey game soon! It is really nice to talk to him and gain a man’s perspective on things. I think we were lucky because I know from experience that this can be dangerous. Someone normally starts to have feelings while the other does not want to become a couple. I would say if you become friends with a guy, establish boundaries.

bfriend2I love our friendship because there is no drama and even if we stop talking for awhile, it easily starts up again as if we haven’t missed a day. We wish one another all of the love and happiness in the world! I know he will make a terrific husband to someone in the future. My only worry is when we have serious relationships, if our partners will not be comfortable with us being around each other. We of course say that will never happen, but I can’t help but think of it though… Until then, let’s enjoy our male buddies and go to all of the hockey games we can, see all the movies we can see, and take road trips whenever possible. It is very much possible to have a true guy friend! They are rare, so enjoy them!