Avoid Posting These Six Things On Social Media

We live in a world where everyone is sharing every single facet of their lives on social media. From what yummy meal was had for breakfast, to a picture of someone bored in a car on a road trip, people are eager to share seemingly meaningless information online.

But it’s easy to accidentally post potentially harmful information on social media. Keep in mind these items when it comes to things you should never post online.

Your personal location

It’s easy, and even fun, to show off where you currently are and who you’re with, but posting your location can actually be a safety issue, especially if that location is your personal home or place of work. The same goes for geotagging locations on Instagram. Releasing this information is basically handing creeps your home address on a silver platter.

Vacation plans

When I was 24 I took an exciting trip to Dubai, and in my excitement I posted a picture of my boarding pass and flight ticket on Facebook. Simply put, that was dumb. All my personal information and flight information was listed clear as day on those two pieces of paper, including how long I was going to be out of the country and away from my residence.

Password clues

Pictures showing any information that might give away your passwords should not be posted online. Some common security question examples are “Mother’s maiden name,” and “The name of the high school you went to.” When posting photos make sure names or distinguishing pieces of information are not accidentally visible in the photo. These are huge clues for hackers to gain password information or answers to security questions.

Financial information

It’s never a good idea to post anything regarding your financial information on social media. As crazy as this might sound, people have actually posted a picture of their new credit card online in excitement. Credit cards, bank statements, anything that could give away your debit card or bank information should stay strictly off social media as well. This also includes student and personal loans documents.

Driver’s license

Yes, this is another one that might seem odd but never post a picture of your driver’s license on social media. It literally lists all the necessary information a hacker needs to obtain valuable information needed for financial or identity theft. Your birthdate, full name and residence are all listed. All information you want off social media.

Pictures of minors

It’s a good idea to never post photos of children without their parent’s consent, and to never post their full name along with the photo. Leave out information regarding where they live, what school they attend, and any place they frequent out of photo captions as well. When it comes to minors, safety is key and being extra cautious is necessary.