cherylanneIf you’re thinking about taking up a new hobby, you might choose something common such as knitting, baking or playing a sport. For Cherylanne DeVita, it was creating her own all-natural makeup line called DeVita about 15 years ago. We spoke with Cherylanne about the launch of her skin care brand and what makes it so unique.

Since her husband was on the road a lot, Cherylanne took to the books to save herself from boredom. Instead of a delving into a bit of light reading, she chose to read about the chemistry of aloe vera. Cherylanne has a background in chemistry herself and decided to meet with an author who wrote six books on the subject to learn more about the process.

He invited me into the lab, and the next thing I knew I had eight products that we had formulated,” she said.

troubledskinLike some of us out there, Cherylanne has dealt with cystic acne for as long as she could remember. She said she generally avoided makeup and sunscreen for fear of breaking out. She wasn’t particularly interested in makeup at first, but wanted to create a product that she felt safe using when all the rest failed her.

It took me 40 years to finally get rid of my acne, and it was my own product that helped me to do that,” Cherylanne said.

After creating and packaging the initial product, Cherylanne said a miracle happened. Sharon Stone saw an announcement about DeVita in a healing spa magazine and asked Cherylanne to participate in an event at Ivana Trump’s house. At the event, Cherylanne met Kelly Stone, the president of Planet Hope at the time, and the two began to collaborate to popularize the skin care brand. During this time, proceeds from DeVita helped benefit homeless women and children. The brand was not only promoting health, but a good cause.

Today, DeVita Natural Skin Care offers clean and easy-to-use products for anyone dealing with acne or in need of a healthy routine. These products range from foundation to eyeshadow to lip volumizer. Most importantly, they are 100% vegan – which means no animal product or animal bi-product is used in the formula. To ensure that every item is paraben free and guaranteed vegan, Cherylanne said DeVita uses quality testing and makes sure their raw ingredients are coming from a trusted source.

absolute_mineralsSome of the most popular DeVita products include the award-winning makeup primer, which is petroleum-free and uses coconut alkanes. Another product that is entirely all-natural and unique is the mascara, which gets its black color from burnt vegetables. “We’re clever that way,” Cherylanne said.

When applying any DeVita Skin Care product, Cherlyanne said you can be sure you are helping your skin. Most of the products include tri-peptides, aloe vera and anti-aging ingredients. What’s more, the products look as good on the outside as they are on the inside. They also cater to any age group and skin type.

“We don’t stop using makeup at a certain age, and girls are starting to use it earlier and earlier, so you might as well use the best,” Cherylanne said.

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