In addition to general relaxation, stress relief and muscle relief, therapeutic massage is great for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Quoted from a regular therapeutic massage client, “I have had back problems for 7 long years now and am in pain all the time. The only relief I get is from my massage.  Feeling better has changed the quality of my life; that’s due to therapeutic massage.”

So not only is massage beneficial to your overall health and well-being, therapeutic massage awards you that good feeling, something we Therapeutic Massageall definitely need during the holiday season.  You will not disappoint anyone by giving them the “Gift of Massage.”

Is your schedule filled with holiday parties, work deadlines, holiday shopping and visiting in-laws and family?  Are you stressed about what to get your sweetheart as a gift?

Look no further.  The gift of therapeutic massage should be at the top of your list for everyone.  There is an endless list of benefits to therapeutic massage.  Therapeutic massage not only relaxes tight muscles but also unblocks toxins and releases endorphins in your body to reduce stress, relieve pain, decrease anxiety and increase your happiness.  You and your sweetheart both need a massage?  Excite those released endorphins in a Couples Massage Room to give the two of you a chance to catch up on alone time, escape reality for an hour or two, and spark a romantic flame during this busy holiday season.  Therapeutic massage will improve a person’s mental and emotional state to become peaceful and subdued opposed to stressed, anxious and restless due to the holiday season.