Avoiding the Friend ZoneWe’ve all been there – when you like a guy who treats you like one of the guys or who treats you like his kid sister.  You have a strong friendship and bond but you really want more.  How do you get him to take notice and avoid the friend zone?  Here are a few strategies to help you get noticed and avoid the “just friends” fate, and get him to see you in a different light.


Get Him Alone

Getting your guy alone is the first step towards changing his preconceived notions about you.  Ask him out for a drink or have him come to your house for assistance of some kind such as leaking faucet, computer issues or some other issues.  The key here is to get him alone away from others who help keep you stereo typed in that friend zone.  One-on-one time with your guy will give him the opportunity to view you in a different light.

Stand out

It’s important to stand out when you are in your group so that he will view you as something special.  Make an extra effort on your hair, make-up and wardrobe, it’s important for him to view you differently.  Put on your sparkle, speak up, smile and laugh, make yourself the center of attention.  Make yourself effortless and fun to be with.  Set yourself apart from the group and let him see your personality come through.  Do things that allow him to see your talents and skill sets.  Show your sense of humor and bring some levity to your relationship.  Make a concentrated effort to stand out in a flattering light.

Find a Common Bond

Finding a common bond is crucial to a relationship.  Opposites may attract but eventually they will repel.  The more bonds you have in common the better chance you have as a couple.  Couples that play together stay together.  Enjoy hobbies together such as hiking, biking and traveling.  The more you can find in common, the easier it will be to create a bond that goes beyond where you both work or what group of friends you hang out with.

Get your Flirt On

You may have to step up your game when it comes to flirting as he has seen you in a different light.  Some guys need a two by four across the head to get your point across.  You can only hope he notices you for so long before you need to up the ante and use your best moves on him. Touch his arm, laugh at his jokes and do everything you can to make it seem like the two of you have a special connection. Changing your wardrobe and hair and body language will definitely make you stand out and get his attention.

 Confess your feelings

The last resort may be that you have to tell him how you feel.  You have to be prepared for the consequences however, there may be a risk that he may not share your feelings and wants to stand in the “Friends Zone.”  It could also be the bold move he needed to be sure that he was picking up the right signals as he might have been confused and afraid.  It’s a bold move but it will give you both clarity and help you to move forward.