It’s Time To Stop Judging Others And Judge Ourselves

We all judge others. It’s something we are wired to do as part of our fight-or-flight instincts.

Just as a dog might bite first before being bitten, humans are inclined to judge first before being judged.

It’s our way of staying aware of something we find to be threatening, for whatever the reason might be, according to Psychology Today.

But today, when we don’t exactly have to fight to the death to survive daily life, we still find ourselves judging others for simple things like the color of their blouse or their makeup choices.

We actually take the time to look, form a judgmental thought, and even verbalize it to our friend who is standing next to us. And don’t get me wrong I am guilty of judging someone, and you probably are, too.

But here’s my point. What good does this do for ourselves, and why do we waste time judging other people?

We must be mindful of the judgments we make of others and why we are making them. We must be aware of what our prejudices are teaching our kids and how they will form their opinions of those who don’t look like them.

At some point we have to be willing to look at ourselves and ask, am I judging this person because of something I don’t like about myself? Or, am I making this judgement because I am actually jealous and I am attempting to make myself feel better? 

I know this might sound harsh, and I know I am asking all of us to take a hard look within to find the answer to these questions, but I believe if we are aware of how we see other people we will ultimately learn to be more accepting of one another.

And with acceptance comes tolerance, inclusivity, and equality. It’s the mentality we must have to push forward social change and make the world the place we want to live in and raise children in.