I have always thought of massage as a super luxurious, indulgent treat to create a sense calm and relaxation – almost a mini-vacation. Feeling good is what we all strive for, and when day-to-day activities such as walking, sitting, driving cause pain and discomfort that feeling of relaxation is not possible.

Treat Yourself for the Holidays...You're Worth ItFor me the aches and pains started around the ripe old age of 50.  Prior to that, I had had periodic stiffness in my back, but nothing that a bit of rest wouldn’t heal.  Six months ago, out of the blue I began getting shooting pain from my hip down my leg, sometimes even to my foot. This usually happened when I was sitting in the car or at my desk for a pro-longed length of time. Taking over the counter pain medication helped, but only temporarily – the discomfort would always come back.

A friend suggested that I get a massage – a therapeutic massage, by a professional trained to relieve the pain I was experiencing.

Recently I had the opportunity to experience a true therapeutic massage at Elements. Their tag line, ‘Not All Massage is Created Equal’ is absolutely true! From the minute I entered the studio the atmosphere, ambiance, and energy brought me a sense of relief – knowing that I was in an environment of healing. After filling out paperwork, I was assigned a massage therapist who was specifically trained to work the area of my specific concern. I explained to her my ‘history’ of discomfort and she knew exactly what to do. Her deft hands worked wonders on each of the areas where the pain was coming from. She managed to release the tension and soften the tight muscles that were in part causing my problems.

Afterwards, not only did I feel relaxed, but also a sense of relief. I knew that my journey on the road to healing and feeling better had begun. I was in ‘good hands’ both figuratively and literally with Elements and realized that therapeutic massage was the answer to what ailed me. I then proceeded to book three more sessions and was told about the monthly massage club.  What better gift to give myself, than the gift of good health and well-being? Elements Massage is the gift that never stops giving – so treat yourself for the holidays, you’re worth it!

Elements Therapeutic Massage