I am a little bit of a grandma. I subscribe to Better Homes & Garden. That resulted in mail from AARP and a catalog to Cold Water Creek. I have a robe and slippers and drink tea before I go to bed. I enjoy classics such as Some Like it Hot and Cool Hand Luke.

And I LOVE receiving snail mail.

There is nothing like coming home from a long, discouraging day of school, walking through the front door and seeing those letters begging to be ripped open. The envelope will be a shape different from those that contain bills. My address will be hand-written. Sometimes, the envelope will even be in color.

Birthday cards. Valentine’s Day cards. Letters from friends in different countries. Christmas is the best time of the year. Every day you walk in and there is a present from the mailman.

There must be others like me out there who love receiving real mail. I try my darndest to send out birthday cards and holiday cards and hope-life-is-getting-better cards. I don’t always make it and for that I apologize.

But to those reading this: mail more letters and cards. You never know whose day you are going to make.