Being Single During The Holidays Is Not That Bad

To all the single ladies out there, face it, there are many moments when you’re loving the fact that you’re single.

You only have to worry about yourself. Your schedule, your plans, your mess, your food, your bed! Yay! There are perks to being the single lady of the group…right?

Well, maybe most of the time. Then the holidays roll around and you find yourself cozied up on the couch crying into your hot cocoa.

It seems that everyone has a significant other to go to holiday parties with, ring in the new year with, and just overall share some love with.

This is the moment you hate being single, and you begin to wallow in holiday blues as you see pictures of your besties with their beau’s.

And the worst part has yet to come. You still have to attend one holiday party before Christmas, and Linda always loves to start the conversation the same way year after year.

“Hi! How have you been? Are you single, or are you dating anyone yet?”

But here’s the thing, being single is not a bad choice and you don’t have to feel insecure about saying no, you’re not with anyone tonight.

The easiest way to get through the holidays single is to own it and not put pressure on yourself to feel the need to justify anything to people who ask. Remember, most of the time when friends or family members ask if you’re still single, they are just trying to make easy conversation.

Being single is your choice. Maybe you are working hard toward your career goals and right now you have no desire to put your attention elsewhere. Perhaps you are letting things happen organically and not trying to force a relationship into existence.

Whatever your reason is know that it’s good enough, and you don’t have to justify or explain it to anyone.

Another way to grace through the holidays is to surround yourself with people who don’t make it a big deal. Go to the parties where you know it won’t be a giant showoff-your-spouse kind of night.

When you’re around good friends they will be more interested in how you’re doing and not harp on why you are still single.

Lastly, don’t subject yourself to social media brain damage by spending your evenings alone scrolling through all the new engagement feed.

If that tends to be a trigger, just stay away from it. Know that your day will come, and when you feel yourself starting to get the engagement blues remind yourself that you are successful and you don’t need a ring to solidify that.

Go treat yourself. Buy yourself a special gift to you from you. Own your single life and love it. And remember to have a wonderful holiday and happy new year.