Honestly, I am becoming very pessimistic about finding an appropriate partner via the online dating community. I’ve been “fishing” for about three weeks and I’ve yet to interact with a man that has any kind of intellectual prowess. I swear, men need to be pre-screened before they are allowed to have a profile on any dating site. I’m usually maintain a “glass half full” mentality, but lately my glass has sprung a leak. I’m fearing that negative thoughts have taken over my mind about dating in general. I’m a hopeless romantic and I’ve always wanted to find a man that will sweep my off my feet. However, with what I’ve come across while participating in the online dating community I’m beginning to think the fairytale is just that, a fairytale. I have more advice for the men that might should be reading this.

– Dudes, the only people that are impressed with your motorcycle and/or super pimped out truck pictures are other dudes. These are not appropriate for your online dating profile and very few women could generally care less about your “toys” In fact, they will probably just annoy us more than anything.

– Speaking of pictures, we get that you have muscles and we get that you want to show them off, but seriously give us a break. I’m starting to think the only reason you show off your half naked bodies is to get the women on these sites to think it’s a good idea to do that same. This is not a “tit for tat” situation and I only play that game with guys I’ve known at least a day or two. (kidding, relax)

– Please put more than 2.5 seconds into your screen name. I’ve received messages from “Conman69” and “PimpDaddy79” today. That has loser written all over it and I feel like I’m probably going to get robbed at gunpoint and at any moment sold into human trafficking. If I’m going to be turning tricks, I am going to do it on my own time and I will be damned if my pimp is getting half my monies! I will take my chances elsewhere, like the corners in Vegas or the ghettos of Russia.

Here are some more super legit screen names I’ve run across.

“UpWind”, this just makes me think of farting which is not something you want you’re potential date associating you with.

“RockDad68” In case you’re wondering, this is code. Yes, he is a dad. Yes, he does indeed, rock. (or at least he has pictures of him “rocking”) and you guessed it, 68 is his birth year. A tad too old for me. Good try, RockDad68, but you need to stick to the cougar end of the wading pool.

“BackFire64” What exactly backfired? Your life? I’m assuming my guess is the correct one.

“PraiseAndWorshipper” My first assumption was that he goes to church until I saw his religious status said “Atheist” Devil worship was so 2001, dude, come on!!!

Needless to say – I’ve learned to use and appreciate the blocking tool.

Still fishing…