They say all dogs go to heaven, and this dog was sweet enough to send a message from up above that he’s doing just fine.

That he’s…happy.

Catie Callaghan’s family lost their beloved dog just over a week ago. He was 15 and underwent multiple surgeries, according to an interview Callaghan gave to BuzzFeed News.

Bandit had a special bond with his family, and Callaghan said the bond Bandit had with her father was extra special.

After undergoing his last surgery, Bandit sadly passed away.

“So my 15-year-old dog passed away two days ago. My mom found his water bowl like this tonight. Doggie heaven does exist. Love you Bandit,” Callaghan wrote on Twitter.

The picture she took of Bandit’s water bowl with a clear-as-day smiley face brought in a flood of emotional responses.

“I actually have tears in my eyes because of this,” one person wrote on Twitter.

The photo of Bandit’s message to his family has 12,000 retweets and 35,000 likes.

E! News even posted about the heartwarming sign Bandit gave his family to assure him he’s doing just fine.

Callaghan said her family was touched by the wonderful response the photo received.

Thanks Bandit for your lovely message, and we hope you’re having a wonderful time chasing bouncy balls.

Keep smiling, buddy.