Morning Routines to Power Through the Summer

Whether it’s the heat, the travel, or the kids out of school for the summer, this season always seems a bit slow for the usual go-getter. There are many things you can do to get in the right mindset for a productive day, and most of those are in the morning. Power through the slow months by setting your day up for success with morning routines.

Below are some of my top recommendations for overcoming the summer sluggish.

  1. Wake up early

It’s silly to expect the same level of productivity in the summer as the rest of the year if you wake up three hours later. Waking up earlier allows you to get numerous tasks out of the way before most of the world is even up. By getting so many things done early in the day, you’ll also build momentum to push through the rest of your list.

For those of us with kids, waking up earlier gives us hours of quiet time to cross off those important things from our to-do lists.

  1. Work out

It’s easy to fall off the bandwagon during the summer months. Between the high temperatures, constant travel, and summer activities, most people lose their resolution motivation at this point. Working out has been proven to improve mood, health, and productivity.

  1. Create a to-do list

It’s hard to be productive if you’re not sure what needs to get done. Creating a daily to-do list early in the morning or the night before will play a huge role in having a productive day. You’ll have a clear idea of what needs to be done, and it’ll set you up for success. I still enjoy writing mine down with pen and paper. I love the satisfaction of crossing things off as they get done.

  1. Meditate

I understand that meditating might not be for everyone, but with so many benefits behind it, I couldn’t help but add it to the list. Meditating in the morning is my favorite, mostly because it allows me to clear my mind and start the day with a clean slate. I meditate using the InsightTimer app. It’s free and offers countless guided meditation recordings. You can set your time preferences too!

  1. Make your bed

As silly as it may sound, making your bed has been proven to set your day up for success. Of course, what you decide to do with the rest of your day is completely up to you. By making your bed, you set the foundation for what you expect from the rest of your day. Most of the time, it’s productivity.