World Mourns The Death Of Another Iconic Designer

The world is mourning the death of another iconic designer. Kate Spade, 55, was found dead in her New York apartment Tuesday morning of an apparent suicide.

A note was later found, the details of which have yet to be released, but did address Spade’s 13 year old daughter, Frances, and her husband, Andy Spade.

Spade is the third designer in less than a decade to take her own life. In 2014 fashion designer L’Wren Scott was also found dead in her apartment from hanging. Alexander McQueen hung himself in 2010.

The tragedy behind the loss of such innovative and iconic people is one the world and fashion enthusiasts will not soon forget.

And as we remember their creations and how their designs changed fashion history, we more importantly must hear this as a universal cry for help.

Spade seemed to have it all. In fact, any one of the designers who sadly ended their life seemed to have it all. So, what drove such talented and creative minds to take their own lives?

News sources have all cited each designer struggled with a history of mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

Spade’s sister came forward the day after her death and announced her sister struggled with bipolar disorder. Those close to McQueen said he suffered from anxiety, depression and insomnia. He ended his life nine days after his mother passed away.

Sources speculated as to what the reason was behind Scott’s shocking suicide, but many agreed depression was something the designer struggled with.

One thing that can be concluded is all three designers struggled with mental illness. Spade was even seeking help for her anxiety and depression and was employing positive resources to help her cope.

Yet despite her efforts the story still ended in tragedy, and Spade is sadly not the only person who felt they couldn’t fight another day.

According to research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide rates have gone up in every state. Overall, the suicide rate in the US has raised 30 percent since 1999, with mental health factors being one of the main contributors for the increase.

Why are so many Americans struggling with mental illness? Some theories include the pressure we and society places on us as a whole.

Today, people are more focused on money and affording basic life necessities rather than personal relationships. And many personal relationships are superficial due to the rise of communication through only a screen.

Another theory is pressure to give the impression of having it all together. A perfect life with a perfect family and career. And this especially goes for women.

One thing is for sure, the conversation and action around mental health must continue.

Just as many people who struggle with anxiety and depression don’t commit suicide, there are others out there who feel as though they can’t go another day trapped in their mind.

Because as we’ve seen mental illness does not discriminate.