Get More Done as a Work-at-Home Mom

If you’re a work-at-home mom like me, you can probably use some help finding the balance between being present and getting work done. With summer vacation just around the corner, this is the perfect time to prepare for a productive (yet fun) break. I’m sharing some of my top tips to master being a work-at-home mom.

  1. Time block

If you don’t already time block, I highly recommend it. Time blocking is a type of scheduling that organizes your day in a series of time slots. The practice allows you to have a clear view of your schedule, to-do list, and availability. Time blocking reminds me to be respectful of my time and responsibilities.

Since adopting this new routine into my daily habits, it allows me to understand my workload and opportunities to improve. It also keeps me on track due to the time limit I’ve set.

  1. Set boundaries

Similar to time blocking, setting boundaries helps keep me on track with my growing to-do list. Time blocking is a great first step to set boundaries. If I scheduled myself to work on articles and blog posts from 9am-12pm on Monday, then I decline the suggested last-minute meeting in that slot.

Likewise, if I set a time to take my daughter to the waterpark on a Saturday, I’ll probably decline anything else. Setting boundaries is as important for work as it is for family time. Setting boundaries has also made a big difference in trying to find a balance as a working mom.

  1. Ask for help

As a mom, I’ve found guilt to be one of my biggest setbacks. I allow the negative thoughts of being away from my daughter from letting me do what is best for all of us. One of my biggest challenges has always been asking for help with her care.

This summer, I’ll be outsourcing childcare three days a week. This will allow me time to get work done, and still spend quality time with my daughter while she’s on summer vacation. Time away from each other also gives each of us an opportunity for growth and change.