veterinarian and assistant in a small animal clinicAccidents happen, even to our pets.

We’ve all been in a situation where we needed to play vet and tend to minor cuts or scrapes, or the occasional upset stomach from something they ate.

But not all medications that are stored in the medicine cabinet are safe for our pets to use, and certain medicines that are human approved can actually be harmful.

A dog’s biology is different than ours, so not all simple over-the-counter medications are safe.

Common anti-inflammatories like Advil, Aleve and Motrin are all unhealthy for your pet to have, and can cause stomach ulcers or kidney failure if ingested, according to the Pet Poison Helpline.

The pain medication Tylenol is another medication not safe for pets to have and can lead to liver failure.

Another common issue is pets accidentally getting into the medicine cabinet and eating pills out of the bottles.

Roughly 50 percent of calls to the Pet Poison Helpline are due to dogs or cats eating prescription pain killers.

Antidepressants, ADD/ADHD medications, sleep aids and beta blockers can all be fatal if ingested and not treated immediately.

However, there are certain medications you can give your pet that won’t cause any harmful side effects.

In times of an upset stomach Pepcid AC is safe to give to your pet to settle stomach acid and other GI issues.

Asprin is a generic pain reliever than can also be safely administered to a pet when there is no other option.

And in times of an allergic reaction antihistamines like Benadryl, Zyrtec and Claritin are also safe to give your pet.Veterinary Care Sign Showing Pet Clinic Or Hospital

However, do not freely administer these medications without first consulting with your vet. The proper dosage depends on your dog’s weight.

Also, like with any drug, side effects are possible so consult with your vet beforehand.

Topical creams and gels like Cortisone creams and Neosporin are also safe to use when your pet may have a hive, rash or cut.

Make sure you watch your pet whenever using any medications or topical creams for possible side effects.