Congratulations is proud to present our July Woman of the Month Award


Sandy Anderson’s life is an example of what women can do when they focus on their goals, while adding a lot of hard work and determination.

From the time she was four years old and got her first pony, Sandy had a determination to set her eyes on the prize. By the age of 10, she was riding in competitions for jumping, dressage, and cross country racing.

Sandy began her military career at the age of 19. She started as an enlisted troop, specializing as a Veterinary Technician. Halfway through her military service she obtained her MBA and commissioned as an officer in the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit (EOD). During her career, she was stationed in Michigan, Japan, Washington D.C., South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Maryland, Florida, South Korea, Kansas, Oklahoma, Germany and Bosnia.

While she was stationed in Oklahoma, Sandy not only did her military duties, but also owned and ran a working farm. Here she raised sorghum, wheat and hay crops, as well as tending horses and raising beef cattle.

While in EOD she conducted de-mining operations in Bosnia and South Korea. She also frequently worked with the Secret Service performing bomb sweeps.

As a recipient of many awards, Sandy was able to retire from her diverse and distinguished 21 year military career with the rank of Major.

After a dispute with an oil company over damage done to her farm, she developed a deep interest in pursuing a law degree. To accomplish this next step in her life, Sandy worked as a manager at Target distributions. Shortly before entering law school, she met her husband, Robert.

In January, 2007, Sandy started earning her law degree through the Phoenix School of Law. In the midst of this arduous degree, Sandy only took one semester off when she gave birth to her beautiful twin daughters.  

In December, 2011, Sandy graduated at the top of her class, with honors, and gave the Valedictorian speech at the graduation ceremonies. Her next goal is to enter the field of prosecution in order to be of further service to her country.

From 4-H and working with the Arabian Horse Club in high school to working with the Disabled American Veterans and bagging lunches for the homeless,  Sandy has been very active in volunteering her time and services to help others where she is needed.

 The reason for this award is expressed clearly by her mother-in-law, Helen.“I am very proud of Sandy because she did it all and never quit. What a role model for her children and a credit to her profession in the years to come.”