Author: Stacia Affelt

How Your Friends Influence Success

You may not be able to choose your family, but you can choose your friends. I owe a significant amount of my success to the friends I chose in life, and here’s why: Before I knew I could choose who I was friends with, I encountered my fair share of bad friendships. In my teens, I befriended people who cared more about their looks and boys than they did school or work. I didn’t see this as a problem at first, because what teenager wants to prioritize school over their social life? As I grew older, though, my mind...

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Why Having Short Hair Empowers Me

The first time I chopped my hair off was after a bad breakup in high school. In an effort to rebel against my ex, who always loved my long hair, I made a swift decision to cut it all. I went from having hair that almost touched my belly button to a cut that barely reached my shoulders. Before then, having long hair seemed like the only option for girls my age. I would associate short hairstyles with “mommy dos” or something suitable for older women only. Ironically, I hated having long hair. It was always getting in my...

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10 Sexist Sayings That Make Feminists Cringe

Feminism has come a long way over the past few years. More and more women (and men!) are declaring themselves as feminists and supporting the movement toward human equality. While there have been countless achievements in the name of feminism, there are also things that still make us cringe. Here are some terms and beliefs that need to die immediately if we want the post-feminist movement to keep progressing: 1. “Trophy Wife” Definition: Refers to a married woman as a status symbol for the husband. This term has been around for decades now and only contributes to the stereotype...

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4 Ways to Avoid Losing Yourself in a New Relationship

From the nonstop butterflies to those sweet morning texts, nothing beats the feeling of being in a new relationship. That special someone is all you can think about and is probably the reason you’re catching yourself daydreaming at work too. There’s nothing wrong with devoting your attention to someone else, but it can lead to forgetting about your own needs. Here are some easy ways to stay true to yourself when you’re officially off the market: Schedule some alone time. When you’re dating someone new, the last thing you want is space. While you may (naturally) want to spend...

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How to Wear the Monochromatic Fashion Trend

While color is great, sometimes the best way to stand out in a crowd is with a more understated, classic ensemble. This summer, we dare you to drop the bright hues and try a monochromatic look. When it comes to monochrome, there are only a few ways to go wrong, but a million ways to go right. Whether it’s all black, all white or even all denim, we’ve got your guide to pulling off monochrome in the most effortlessly chic way.     Black on Black When I think monochromatic black, I think classic, Audrey Hepburn and simply chic....

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Feminists Love Men Too

Look up any definition of the word “feminism” and I guarantee you won’t find anything regarding hating or neglecting men. That’s because at it’s core, feminism is only about one thing: equality of the sexes. Being a feminist does not mean you must disrespect men or ignore them altogether. Yet “Meninist” and “Women Against Feminism” movements still exist in opposition to the current postmodern feminist era because people are still misinformed about what feminism means.   Earlier today, I stumbled upon this disheartening image encouraging women to ignore the “new age, bitter single brauds” and “spoil” their men. Everything...

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