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The Teen Perspective: Indie Trendy

Indie. It’s all over my favorite fashion blogs and gossip magazines. But what does Indie mean?

Officially, “Indie” or “Hipster” symbolizes being individual, staying out of the mainstream. By definition, being trendy is remaining in sync with the mainstream. So, is it even possible to have an Indie “trend,” two opposites, shaping your closet and lifestyle?

The roots of the indie influence go back to the Bohemian or Hippie movement that rose afterWorld War II. One critical fashion difference: platform shoes have changed their shape to TOMS Shoesbecome a part of a pump and wedge shoes. Casually, canvas shoes such as TOMS, Converse, or Vans are the way to go now. TOMS are especially Indie and charitable, since the profits go to charity. Indie and Bohemian are almost identical: clothes that look worn out, purses or handbags with long straps, headbands, braids and loose fitting tops.  Think hand-made, hand-crafted, local.

If you want to dress more indie, shop for the hallmarks of the trend such as natural fibers like cotton instead of polyester, then add your own unexpected twist.  Try earth tone clothes, with a pop of color in your shoes, earrings, belt, or necklace. Earth tones are neutral, so any color will look good with them. Add some jewelry made from natural stones, turquoise and coral are hot colors this season.

Shepard FaireyAdditionally, “Indie” is attached to genres of art, such as film and music that are created or produced outside of the traditional industry structures. For example, check out Sundance Film Festival or art by Shepard Fairey.  Yes, this is the same “indie”.

So, try something new this week: stop by a movie that you have not seen advertised on TV, spend an hour at a local Farmer’s Market, or poke around a thrift or vintage shop for some interesting fashion finds.  That’s how more and more people are staying “Indie” and on trend.



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More On Bette Poblete

Look, I’m a teenager. I’ve only been on this planet since the summer Olympics were in Atlanta and the new version of the movie, 101 Dalmatians was released. While this may set me back in terms of age, and wisdom, what I lack in years I make up for with the knowledge of most of the nooks and crannies of pop culture.

Like most teens, I socialize at school, in the few minutes we have between passing periods, break, and lunch at Xavier College Prep. Although it is only a short time, it’s amazing how many stories about weekend trips, concerts, parties, fashion, movies, or sports events you can hear in the five minutes before class starts. I will always gladly listen, no matter the topic, because if these tales make it all the way to a private school, they are probably noteworthy.

I play soccer at the highest level for one of the best clubs in Arizona: Sereno Soccer Club. That’s how I spend most of my evenings, at a park with some of my best friends, playing the game we all love. Granted, sometimes our workouts are harder than they are fun.  But, despite that, it’s one of my favorite times of the day.

One of my favorite things in life is food.  That’s the up-side of being an athlete.  No need to ask “Do you eat to live, or live to eat?” It’s the latter. I’m always open to trying new food and drinks (non-alcoholic of course) because of my interest in learning about different cultures.

I stay checked in with my social networking sites and my favorite blogs every day.  I hate being out of the loop, even on the smallest details. Somehow I always get the “lowdown” on all the stories from school breaks and weekends, what’s hot and what’s not.

Blogging, Reading, School, Sports, Friends…your typical teenager habits, that’s me.

I see the same headlines as you do, but I may interpret them differently.   I am a teenager after all.

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