Five Things to Declutter from Your Wardrobe this Fall

It’s finally Fall, and with every new season comes an opportunity for a fresh start. Nothing says new beginning like clearing out the old to make room for things that serve us. Decluttering is one of my favorite things to do throughout the year. Cleaning out my closet is my personal favorite.

There are countless benefits to decluttering your closet. Not only do you get rid of pieces that no longer serve you, but with that, you make room for things that can. To me, decluttering feels like a healthy cleanse for my home. A time to let go of those things that served me at one point and now can do the same for someone else.

For some, decluttering can seem like an overwhelming task. The stressful decision-making process of deciding whether to keep, donate, or repurpose personal possessions can be nerve-wracking. Fortunately, there are hacks you can try to make the process less painful. Below are five things to declutter from your wardrobe this fall.

Unworn clothes

If you’ve ever found yourself standing in from of an overflowing closet and having nothing to wear, it might be time for a serious decluttering session. Whether it’s an emotional or financial investment, we often get attached to pieces even after they’re done serving us. This usually leads to having too many clothes but nothing to wear. Take inventory of what you have and what you don’t use. It might just be time to intentionally get rid of all those unused items.

Unused accessories

One of the biggest pain points in my wardrobe is the accessories section. No matter how organized I keep it, I never use what I have. I keep telling myself I might eventually get use out of it, but that never happens. Accessories can take a lot of physical and mental space. Getting rid of unused pieces can help make room for items you need and would wear.

Duplicate items

We’re creatures of habit. We reach for what we know, and this can sometimes translate to what we wear, too. If you have one too many white t-shirts, 10 pairs of nearly identical jeans, or too many little black dresses, you’re overdue for a wardrobe declutter. While I’m a fan of a minimalistic closet and capsule wardrobe, including a variety of pieces can make a big difference when it comes to usability. Swap those duplicates for fun alternatives you’ll wear.

Stained pieces

Do you keep dodging certain pieces because of stubborn and untreatable stains? I’ve been there, and the only solution is to say goodbye. Unless you’re planning on successfully stain treating that piece, it’s time to let it go. If you love that piece, consider repurchasing it and replacing it in your wardrobe.

Uncomfortable shoes

There’s nothing more painful and miserable than a pair of uncomfortable shoes. They’re usually the pair we ignore in our shoe rack, and the last pair we consider when getting dressed. If you’re constantly avoiding them, it’s time for them to go. Comfort is key when it comes to fashion.