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Heidi Foglesong, Then and Now

An Interview with Heidi Foglesong – SmartFem Magazine Exclusive by Lea Haben

Heidi Foglesong with Lea Haben_SmartFem Interview

As a journalist and a member of the media I have had the chance to meet and work with a number of the local news teams over the years, but have never had the opportunity to meet Heidi Foglesong.  Heidi was an anchor for news Channel 3 in the late 1980’s and up until the 90’s.  I can remember seeing her on the billboard along Interstate 17 with fellow news team members Cameron Harper, and weather man Jim Howl.

I decided to check up on Heidi and see what she was up to.  One of the things that always intrigued me about Heidi was the fact that she was chosen along with Patti Kirkpatrick to be the first all female news team (They were coined as the “Chicks at 6”). I realize that it probably doesn’t mean anything to some of you but Heidi was one of the first in the Valley to have such an opportunity.  Oprah, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters may have paved the way nationally but it took a long time for Arizona to come around, so having an all female news team was really something.

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Heidi Foglesong_ThenHeidi is a bi-lingual media celebrity and consultant with an extensive career in both television, radio and as a spokesperson.   Meeting and interviewing her was incredibly fun as she has a great sense of humor, doesn’t take herself too serious and is quite humble and gracious.  What a great departure from some of the people I’ve interview.

For those of you who wondered “where did Heidi go?” In Heidi’s own words: “Being a present mother was really important to me as I left a successful career to raise my three daughters. Heidi Foglesong_NowMy career took a back seat. I worked smart time (instead of part time) to accommodate motherhood.” As Heidi looks at those beautiful young women now before her she realizes her sacrifice was well worth it.

What endeared me most to Heidi Foglesong was that she is just like the rest of us, incredibly busy, juggling parenthood, taking care of her mom,  career, planning her upcoming nuptials and reinventing herself while embracing entrepreneurism.  I can’t wait to check in again and see what she does next.

Heidi Foglesong, Then and Now
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Author: Lea Woodford

Lea’s career is highlighted by 25 years of public relations, writing columns, hosting a radio show, and over a hundred TV appearances. Lea’s career includes news segments for ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox TV, as well as writing a regular column for Runway Magazine, North Valley Magazine and AZ Weekly. Her articles have been featured in 101North, So Scottsdale, The Business Journal and Phoenix Woman. Previously as the founder of Lasting Impression Consulting and now she has been retained by businesses all over the valley to help them improve their visibility and potential through the media. As a member of the National Speakers Association, Lea has also appeared as a motivational speaker throughout the country.

Lea started in 2012, to pursue her passion of protecting and serving women. SmartFem is a calling and was inspired by her desire to protect and serve her daughter Lauren. SmartFem is an entertaining and informative magazine as well as a trusted guide which carefully screens its featured experts to ensure the highest standards of integrity and service. In fact, all of SmartFem’s experts must sign an integrity clause to ensure that readers get the very best customer experience. She also has made the company a branding and reputation enhancing entity which has helped market SmartFem’s experts both on and off line through high profile philanthropic events. Lea won the MVP award for going above and beyond with Debbie Gaby’s Celebrity Catwalk in November of 2013. She also serves on several committee’s such as United Cerebral Palsy, Beach Ball, Florence Crittenton, Alice Cooper’s Rock the Runway, Oscar Experience and this year she will be co-chairing the AZ Wellness Red Carpet Event in March.

Lea has always enjoyed working with small business owners and her newest endeavor SmartFem allows her to help them on a much grander scale while catering to her passion of helping women.

Heidi Foglesong, Then and Now
4.2 5 votes

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