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Christmas in New York

Decorated buildings in New YorkI don’t know about you, but I love dressing up for winter. It’s not so easy to do in Arizona.  I love the fashion and people watching during Christmas in New York.  Everyone is wearing hats, scarves, coats and rosy checks as they walk around looking at all the Christmas displays in the city. There is just something magical about the colorful lights, decorations and the scent of pine in the air.

Christmas lights galore!

Christmas in New York City is filled with lights and embellishments like no other.  The decorations in the city are abundant and adorn most of the streets.  It’s very easy to catch the spirit of Christmas in the city.

The city has rich history. It is breath taking to see the holiday lights outside Macy’s with the Empire state building in the back drop.

Rock out at Rockefeller Center!Skaters at Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller center is a must see at Christmas time.  It has an elegance that makes the entire plaza a magical winter wonderland.

It’s fun to watch the skaters in the rink surrounded by Holiday décor and flags.  The Rockefeller Christmas tree stands at one end of the ring with the GE building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza towering behind it.  The tree is usually lit every year on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

My personal favorite thing about Christmas in New York is the Holiday spirit and energy of the city.  It just feels very special.

Christmas Window Dressings

Department stores are works of art when it comes to window displays in New York.  They are supposed to lure you in to buy and shop but I could spend an entire night just looking at the windows. I happened to see the one at Bvlgari this year and it was stunning, I also thought Trump Tower’s was pretty special as well.  Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman are also known for their fabulous Christmas displays.

Trump TowerDining in New York

The only problem with dining in New York is the fact that there are so many wonderful choices.  I love to try new places but Paul and I did find a little French café that we fell in love with the last time we went so we had to go again.  It’s quaint and quite romantic with a French staff.  It is on Lexingon and 64th and its called Mon Petit Café.  They have a fabulous menu with some great specials which include appetizers as well as dessert.


I really enjoyed Christmas in New York it was romantic and beautiful and I was just happy to take it all in.

Check out more pictures of Christmas time in New York from Lea Haben’s trip HERE on the Smart Fem Facebook page.

Confessions of a Girl who Never Sleeps: On the City that Never Sleeps

August 1, 2012 by  
Filed under Katie's Corner

Happy Two Year Anniversary, New York City.

I’ve been reminiscing, if you will, about the last two years in this crazy-ass city. My first year was one of the best years of my life. My most recent year here has been the exact opposite.

I was trying to remember everything I’ve experienced since that sudden move. I bought my first pair of rain boots. I saw my first snowfall (that I can recall). I have gained two more tattoos. I have fallen in love again. I have been dumped — again. I have gone to two of the greatest concerts of ever. I have moved four times.  I have lived through a blizzard, a hurricane and an “earthquake.” I have experienced loss. I have gone back to school. I have shoved a child during the Thanksgiving Day Parade (she shoved me first). I have worked for a busy restaurant. I have served Tina Fey her tea. I have made so many new friends. I have acquired so many shoes. I have seen a man pee on the Subway platform and many other locations. I have seen gay marriage legalized! I have met Sarah Jessica Parker. I have ridden the Cyclone. I have put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

There is no place else like it on the planet. For most people I’ve spoken with, living in New York City is love and hate. You can either be having the best year of your life or the worst.  You can have hundreds of friends but still feel incredibly alone. The magical thing about New York City is that something good can happen the second you give up on this place. You get accepted into your dream school. You find the love of your life. You meet a new friend at a friend of a friend’s goodbye party.

New York City may suck sometimes. A lot. But all I have to do is look at the Manhattan skyline from Queens or Brooklyn or eat at a restaurant that just doesn’t compare to anything back at what used to be called home.

Maybe I’ll stay here for a little while longer. We’ll see.

Confessions of a Girl that Never Sleeps: I’m a Big Girl Now

March 7, 2012 by  
Filed under Katie's Corner

Katie Grimmer  "Confessions of a Girl that Never Sleeps"A couple of days after I got my driver’s license, my dad made me go to nearby restaurants and clothing stores and fill out applications.

One week later I had my very first job.

Two months later, I got my very first truck. It was a 72 Ford pick up truck with no engine or air conditioning, but it was free. My dad bought the incredibly cheap engine. I called her Blue….because she was blue.


I paid for the gas. I paid for the insurance. I’ve done my own taxes since after that first year (with the help of TurboTax). I’ve done my own laundry since I was a teenager. I knew how to vacuum and do the dishes (without a dishwasher!) and dust the crevices before I left the nest.

I’m thankful for my parents everyday. I wouldn’t have been able to buy my first car at the age 19. I wouldn’t have been able to buy groceries in college. I wouldn’t have moved straight to New York City without knowing a soul and with very little money right after graduating from undergrad.

When I see the spoiled young children that come into my work and are given whatever they want, I feel sorry for them. Well, that and I want to teach them some manners. But they’ll depend on someone until the day that they die because no one is going to teach them how to be truly independent.

Sometimes I call my mom to ask her where in the grocery store do they keep chicken bouillon. Sometimes I call my dad and ask if my birthday present can be that plane ticket for when I come home. But I’ve been able to make it on my own with minimal help from others because my parents knew that I would have to enter the real world eventually. And I wouldn’t change a second of my upbringing.

Except for when I chopped my Barbie’s hair off. Lesson learned.