It’s Time To Ditch The Phrase, “You Look Good For Your Age.”

It’s time to ditch the phrase, “You look good for your age.” Why? Because it’s a backhanded remark that essentially says you look better than you should at this point in your life.

Cosmetic line RoC also believes it’s time to eliminate the saying, and showcases four beautiful women who are over the age of 30 sharing their accomplishments and confidence in a video about getting rid of the stigma around age.

“Westworld” actress Thandie Newton shared when people tell her she looks good for her age she asks them what they mean by that? Her biggest observation is most people, when they try to explain it, realize how they are basically saying, “Well, you’re old but you don’t look like it.”

Newton is 45 years old, by the way.

Society does a good job of making women feel like they have this timeline they have to follow, and if they haven’t hit certain milestones by a particular age they are somehow “behind” or “getting too old” to accomplish them.

How many times have you heard someone say, “She’s not married with kids? She better get on that, she’s not getting any younger.”

As though a women who is 32 years old can’t still get married and have kids. Or better yet, implying there is something wrong with a women who doesn’t want to get married or have kids!

Our culture puts this heavy preference and value on women who are under 30, and if you don’t have a certain life by the time you are 31, you’ve somehow missed the boat.

We have all these ads pushing anti-aging, implying that women should never age and getting older is somehow a bad or frowned upon journey.

But getting older means becoming the woman you are meant to be because you’ve lived life, had powerful experiences, and have learned to be confident in who you are and the choices you make.

There is nothing wrong with getting older, it’s a privilege that some are sadly not able to do. Men become silver foxes but women somehow become sad, old ladies?

No! We become powerhouses who change societal and social norms. We are mothers, grandmothers, and CEOs of major companies.

We don’t have expiration dates, and we don’t loose value because we are no longer 20 years old. We are sexy, strong, smart, capable women at every age we are lucky enough to turn.

So, it’s no longer, “You look good for your age.” It’s now, “You look great!” Period.