Most of us have been to a hairdresser a few times in our lives. Some of us had that bad haircut aka “hair don’t”, usually right before a big event. Not good! Of course we all want to avoid that hair catastrophe at all costs! To help avoid this from happening, I will share with you a few hairdresser secrets that can help you achieve your perfect hair-do next time your in the chair.

•  Photos are helpful! Show your stylist photos, lot’s of photos. They don’t just have to be celeb photos, even photos of yourself when you really loved your hair will help. Bring in a few photos, that say this length, these layers, her bangs, etc.. We can piece it all together and give you a style and color that is right for you.

•  Know that color changes takes time. We know you really want to achieve that perfect blonde, but changing your current color might be a process. Perfection may not be achieved in just one appointment, but multiple appointments. A good stylist will always err on the side of healthy hair, and get you to your perfect shade while maintaining the health of your hair.

•  Products are what make the style finished and polished. When clients tell us that they hate the way products make their hair feel, we think you just have the wrong products. Again, good stylists WANT you to have your best hair possible, not just sell you another gel that is going to sit in your cabinet. Watch how your stylist uses the product and be sure to ask questions on exactly how to use it. We know we move fast, but we will slow down and show you how. It is in our best interest to do so, because your awesome hair “do” is our best calling card.

•  Wash and wear hair is a myth. Reality TV has jaded us. Those dang Kardashian’s look awesome all the time. Psstt…they have a stylist on hand (so much for reality). Anyhoo, unless you have the ability to have a stylist on hand everyday, you will have to style your hair in order for it to look good. Ask your stylist about styling tools and how to use them.

Hopefully these hair secrets can help you to feel more confident in asking your hairdresser for help in achieving that perfect hair-do for you! No matter if it’s a classic bob or that new Ombre color, your stylist wants to help you look your best!