There’s “hipster” fashion. There’s high fashion. There’s Southern Bell fashion. It wouldn’t be surprising if there were a “farmer’s” fashion. What about the “girl next door?” There’s no how-to-dress-in-style guide for all the young girls who live with two roommates and spend their days serving pretentious customers to make it in the [insert whatever job she is interested in this week] industry. What is THAT girl supposed to wear?

Here are the Top 5 fashion staples every girl who is just trying to make it in the world needs:

1. Skinny jeans.

This “awesomely-sexy-chic” outfit will bring out the inner goddess in you. Turn a blouse from fancy to casual. Mix it with a blazer and pearls and you’re ready to go to a business lunch. Change into a flashy tank with black pumps and you’re ready for a night on the town. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a nice pair that is flattering to you caboose. *author’s note: don’t confuse this with jeggings.

2. Grey sweater.

Always carry a sweater. Even if you live in 113-degree heat, you walk into that movie theater after sweating in the car on the drive there and you can’t concentrate on that movie because you’re shivering uncontrollably. Grey will go with any color, even brown, plus you’ll be comfortable.

3. Black flats.

This is the most essential item. Don’t ask questions.

4. Any-season dress.

There must be [at least!] one dress in your closet that can be worn in any season. Pair it with flip-flops for the summer. Throw on a cardigan with tights and boots for the winter. However you make the transformation, just make sure you have the dress that can do it.

5. Tunic.

Also known as a long shirt or a short dress. This can be paired with leggings and those black flats; or with the skinny jeans and pumps. Depending on the body type, it’s best worn with a thick belt in the thinnest part of your waist.