Tips for Choosing Your Signature Scent

How someone smells is one of the first things you notice upon meeting. Whether it be consciously or subconsciously, the fragrance a person wears makes the first impression. If you smell too strong, or the perfume you wear does not mix well on your skin people will notice after you leave.

Human beings operate off the memories and sensations we experience. Just like everyone has their own scent that screams “Christmas” to them. It could be the smell of cookies, pine trees, it could even be the combination of food and your grandmother’s home that brings you back to the holiday.

Since fragrances make such an impression on our memories whether we realize it or not, it is important to care about how we smell!

Picking a scent to embody your essence as a person sounds like a near-impossible feat when there are so many different notes, brands, and scent combinations available to consumers. Sure, you could hop into Sephora or go to the counter at the local department store, but that can also literally be sensory overload.

Here are some tips on how to avoid getting a headache spraying so many perfumes you won’t remember where you end and the scent begins!

  • Tips for choosing your signature scentHave an idea of the notes you like going in. It can be easy to smell a perfume and say, “I like this one!” But why do you like it? Do some research on your previous fragrances or look up some perfumes you like and find out what the notes are. You may find, as I did, gardenia is a common note in all of your favorite fragrances! Maybe it is a type of musk. Even knowing that you like floral, sweet, or citrus notes is helpful. It will prevent an employee (or yourself) from picking a fragrance that you would never like in the first place.
  • Know when to stop spraying. The beautiful bottles of some luxury fragrances can be alluring. Be cautious of spraying all of them just because the bottle is gorgeous. You will soon have everyone in the department side-eyeing you for polluting the air with 50 different scents. If you need help, ask someone or look up more information on your phone or at home. Your nose will thank you.
  • Be patient with the scent. Holding the bottle dangerously close to your nostril will do you no good. Most perfumes are dynamic. This means the notes change after wear. Also, a person’s skin can alter the fragrance as well! While a perfume may smell fantastic on your best friend, it may not do much for you. Roses may smell sour on one person, while smelling soft and subtle on another. It depends on your body chemistry and how it reacts with the fragrance! Let the scent sit on your skin for a few minutes before making an immediate decision.
  • Do not be afraid to try something new! Chanel No. 5 is a classic, but it may not necessarily scream “you.” Don’t hesitate to grab a bottle by a lesser-known designer or brand. I can’t tell you how many women I run into wearing Alien by Thierry Mugler. It is a lovely fragrance, but try something different with similar notes. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, Jazz Club by Margiela, and plenty of colognes have similar scent stories, but with unique twists. After all, people should remember you as a person, not solely your fragrance. It is important to find a scent that compliments you instead of overpowering you.

These tips should give you a head start when shopping for your next fragrance.


Spraying your wrists and rubbing them together breaks up the molecules in the scent and it will not be an accurate representation of how the fragrance lasts or smells on your skin! Try spraying the top of your arm or the inside of your elbow to get an idea of how the scent will react with the warmth of your body.