The Women’s Enterprise Foundation is an organization that provides women business owners with resources to help them grow as women in the business world. WEF has been around since 1991, making a difference in women’s lives and businesses.

wefwomen200Julie Heiland, President of WEF has worked her way up the ladder. She was a scholarship winner three years ago, and has come a long way since then. She is excited to spread the work about WEF because she knows how much it can help women business owners. “I wanted to give back, so I became president elect last year,” said Julie. “It has made me a stronger business person,” she added.

Carmella Dodge is very passionate about this organization and what it has to offer. While she has always been the giver, she finally feels like she is the receiver. “I’ve always generated for others, but I never had the business skills to generate for myself,” said Carmella. She believes that WEF can open many doors, and create strong connections between women across the globe. “We are not only building the relationships with the women, we are building friendships,” she said.

WEF offers scholarships and grants that allow women business owners to continue in their path to success. They recognize that women are an important part of the business community, and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

One of the scholarship winners this year is Carrie Severson founder of Severson Sisters, a non- profit organization that helps women increase their self-esteem.

WEF’s next fundraising event will be one you will not want to miss. Joie de Vivire will take place at the National Bank of Arizona Conference Center. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, wine and a fashion show with one of a kind Alexander McQueen inspired botanical dresses. Click here to purchase your tickets.