Rules Your Employer Should Never Break

When it comes to working for a company, your employer will have a set of rules and regulations all employees are expected to follow.

But did you know employers also have a set of rules they must follow to keep a fair and ethical environment for their employees?

Here are some top rules employers should never break, according to Forbes.

Refusing to provide a reference

Employers should never adopt a no reference policy for current or former employees. Should you decide your working relationship has come to an end, you should always feel comfortable asking for a reference without fear of retaliation, or your employer providing a reference that tarnishes your reputation.

Proper time off for salaried employees

If a salaried employee is working overtime they should be compensated for their work with time off that does not come out of their accrued PTO. Time off for an employee who is willing to work overtime without being paid more than their salary should be rewarded with additional time off on top of their vacation time.

Internal hires or transfers should not require manager approval

If an employee decides it’s time for growth and are ready to move up the ranks, they should not be required to receive their current manager’s approval to do so. Companies should value their long-term employees and not run the risk of loosing them altogether because a manager decides they do not want to approve them transferring to a different department.

Bonuses should not be confusing puzzles for employees to solve

If a company can afford to provide their employees with bonuses, then they should be easy to understand and something the employee can easily track. Employees should never have to guess how close they are to achieving their goal to bonus out, nor should they be met with crazy rules that make them suddenly ineligible to receive their bonus.

The goal of any company should be to provide a healthy and creative work culture that nurtures and encourages growth and advancement for each and every employee.

By keeping guidelines simple and clear, and treating competent adults like such, employers will find they have happy employees who help drive the company forward while reaching financial success.