than a century ago, Paul Revere shouted the warning that is now a part of history forever, “The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!” And thank goodness people took action and defended themselves and preserved a great nation in the making.

So here is the new warning and proclamation of a fast and furious pending danger, “The ID Theives Are Coming, The ID Thieves Are Coming!”  And too many people are not heeding the warnings of this proclamation, and face a horrible probability of ID theft that gets stronger every day.

Consider this, in 2011 over 2010 there was a 67 percent increase in one year in the number of US citizens (more than 36 million) who received data breach notification letters from various companies, associations, and government agencies.  These letters were to warn citizens that their private and secure ID information was lost or stolen and could be used against them in a harmful way; financially or otherwise.

67 percent is a HUGE and ominous increase to consider.  It is like filling beaches with thousands of sharks and yet everyone keeps going into the water unprotected, because we don’t see the sharks lurking below the surface. Ignoring these statistics and not creating some form of ultimate safety-net to be ready when the sharks/thieves attack, is just like jumping into the shark infested waters and taking your chances.

Now consider this, in 2012 over 2011 there was another increase in data breaches of 48 percent! This signifies compounding data breach statistics over the past two years and justifies someone to get on their horse (or blog) and start screaming some kind of warning to everyone. So here is your warning from your SmartFem advisor: get protected against the risks of ID theft and fraud and do it for less than $1 per month (a SmartFem special offer). This will protect your whole family!