Lea Haben SmartFemLea Woodford is the publisher of SmartFem Magazine for Women. Lea is committed to promoting and endorsing local businesses and leaders who excel and stand out in the community. Coye Pointer consistently proves to be one such local business leader.

Exceptional companies have exceptional cultures and this always starts with the leadership of the company. Those companies that are known for doing the right things have excellent communication and care about their employees. Creating a positive culture for a company starts on the inside with a leader who cares. Coye Pointer, of Fiat of Scottsdale and Airpark Dodge Jeep and Chrysler embodies that type of leadership. I have worked with Coye on several different events and charities and have found him and his employees to be some of the most caring and community focused of any organization, which has been a rare virtue.

Coye Pointer and Marty Valencia

Coye Pointer and Marty Valencia

I received a call from Coye Pointer asking if I could help him with a new project. Coye had started a 501(c)(3) to assist a loyal employee Marty Valencia who is terminally ill with stage 4 colon cancer, the third most common cancer among men. Coye wanted to put on a golf tournament to assist Marty’s family with the mounting medical bills. I was so impressed that he managed to get the foundation put together, a golf tournament, silent auction and dinner for the Valencia’s all in the span of six weeks. I don’t know many professional event planners that could pull that off.

I have had the opportunity to work with lots of companies and leaders over the years but Coye’s management style and culture reminds me of the iconic Southwest Airlines, which also has demonstrated such a strong culture and a strong desire to do the right thing for their customers and employees. I have worked with Coye on so many philanthropic endeavors and he is so often willing to donate to a good cause. This particular event was wonderful but different because it was for one of their own.

I am saddened for the friends and family of Marty Valencia but I’m glad that something good will come from this sad event. A new foundation was created that will help many families in crisis in the future. Thank you Coye Pointer and Scottsdale Airpark Dodge jeep and Chrysler for paying it forward and for reminding us all that there are still people who care.