As women, we are so diverse. We come from different backgrounds, culture, and environments. We work in offices, in homes, retail locations, no matter who we are, where we are and what we do, we have a list of items to complete, to manage, to take care of. We go here and there, take the kids to their sport activities and a variety of lessons, go to meetings, make sales calls, this list is endless. We cook, we clean, we hire and we fire. We have our list of things to do every day and we tackle that list from sunrise to sunset. So when do we just stop and rest?

Relieving Stress, One Painting at a TimeA few hours with friends relaxing, having a little wine and good conversation goes a long way. Add a little painting to that mixture and voilà! A completed work of art in two hours. Painting has been known as a mechanism to relieve stress and when you think about it, it is also a form of meditation. When we allow ourselves to focus and become part of what we create, time flies. Painting gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in a different way than our day-to-day lives. It is a healthy distraction and rewards us with much needed and deserved ‘down-time’.

As an artist I enjoy helping others through the social atmosphere of painting with me.  It is incredibly fulfilling to see women who give so much to others finally give to themselves.  I can not tell you how many women come in to the studio and say they are not artistic and then are amazed when they end up walking out with a piece of art.  It is refreshing to see friends and families come to the classes and bond in a way that seems all but lost in today’s hectic world.

Come and join me and let us bring out the artist in you.