Cards Against Humanity Pokes Fun At ‘Pink Tax’

The widely popular card game released a ‘For Her’ version and there’s a big statement that comes with the deck of cards.

Cards Against Humanity, a crude and raunchy card game, now comes in a new version dedicated to women.

The cards are pink, the box is pink, and the game even costs $5 more, all to mock the fact that women’s products are more expensive than men’s no thanks to the ‘pink tax,’ according to the Daily Mail.

The tax has been around for decades, and taxes women up to 13 percent more on common items like razors, clothing, and hygiene products.

As a result, women spend around $1,351 more a year on the same services and products men buy, yet women continue to earn less than their male counterparts.

The box set is exactly the same game, and the company behind the marketing idea even had some fun via Twitter while announcing the new edition.

But there’s a more serious reason behind the new women’s edition of the game. All proceeds raised from the $5 dollar price difference will be donated to Emily’s List, an organization that supports pro-choice Democratic candidates who are all women.

The joke also pokes fun of the incredibly sexist way products are marketed to women. The new ‘Period Pack’ is a deck of five new cards that can be purchased for $5 and makes fun of the way feminine hygiene products are made to look pretty.

This isn’t the first time the creators of the party game have called out stereotypes and helped raise money for charity.

In 2015 the game’s creators shut down the website and replaced it with a donation page. People were asked to donate $5 to nothing.

At the end of the donation period, over $70,000 dollars was donated to charity. The company continues to pull funny stunts and use the proceeds to donate to various charities.

So far, they have donated over $4 million dollars to various organizations.