Renaissance FestivalEat, Drink and be Merry! There’s no better place to be suddenly transported to the Middle Ages than the Renaissance Festival. Open Saturdays and Sundays from Feb.9 – March 31st, the Renaissance Festival is celebrating its 25th season here in Arizona. Dress up as your favorite character, king, queen, jester, or damsel in distress and you’ll feel right at home among the many knights, lords, and ladies.

Enjoy a non-stop schedule of entertainment and fun activities for the entire family. Whether you’ve always wanted to know about the ancient art of falconry or just wanted to check out an authentic jousting tournament, a day at the Renaissance Festival is surely for you.

Lots of action and adventure abounds in the many theaters and on stages with live performances through out the day. Check out the artisan shops and live demonstrations such as glass blowing, black-smithing, archery, camel rides, climbing walls, belly dancing, sword swallowing and crazy village street shenanigans each and every day.  There’s no getting bored or wanting to go home early, as there’s certainly something for everyone to enjoy at the Renaissance Festival.