The Daily Show finally selected a new host and lucky for America, it is none other than correspondent and comedian Trevor Noah.

Previously Comedy Central’s news entertainment shows have featured middle aged white hosts, Jon Stewart and America’s conservative sweetheart, Stephen Colbert. However, now that these broadcasters are moving up to bigger and better things, new people must step in to fill their shoes. Keeping the people informed and entertained has always been the goal of these shows, and a 2014 article in Time Magazine showed that citizens tended to be more informed by watching Colbert Report than actual news networks.

Since Colbert and Stewart left us, we needed some exceptional replacements. John Oliver filled up the “Report’s” old slot and, in fact, is doing even better than both shows as of November of last year. Will Noah be able to do the same?

Throughout his appearances on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah had proved he had the comedic wit to rival Stewart’s.

As a biracial man from South Africa, he will bring an entirely new perspective to comedy news. Many people are reluctant at first with a new face, but the angle and point of view Noah will take is sure to be unique and hilarious.