How to Stay Motivated During Troubling Times

We’ve all experienced times of hardships where it seems almost impossible to keep moving forward. It’s no secret the Coronavirus pandemic added to our already high levels of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Staying motivated during troubling times seems like an uphill climb that seems unreasonable to hike. Although it can be hard, staying encouraged and hopeful during times of uncertainty is key to getting by.

Finding light in the middle of dark days isn’t easy but doing so can help you gain momentum to keep going. Below are five tips to stay motivated troubling times.

Take a break

As beings that thrive on staying busy and productive, it can be hard to take intentional breaks. This means more than just a 15-minute break after your afternoon call. If you’re feeling unmotivated and stuck, it might be time for a much-needed break from your daily responsibilities. If you have a job, request some time off. If you don’t plan something that gets you away from your daily tasks and into some true relaxation.

Practice gratitude

One of the key practices that have gotten me through quarantine and the pandemic has been practicing gratitude. No matter how crazy things get, my gratitude practice allows me to gain clarity of how blessed I am. Yes, even though all the uncertainty. If you don’t already practice gratitude, you should start today. It only takes a minute of your day and makes the world of a difference. Those small pockets of awareness help me find motivation even in the most troubling times.

Step outside

One of the biggest misconceptions about quarantine is that you can’t leave your house. While staying home is highly encouraged during the pandemic, keeping some sort of normalcy is crucial for your mental and physical health. Stepping outside to get some sun and fresh air can instantly boost your mood and energy. I challenge you to do it for even 15 minutes a day. You’ll feel re-inspired and motivated in no time.

Get inspired

Speaking of getting inspired, that’s a huge part of getting back in the groove of things. Whether you choose to read a new book, listen to uplifting music, or connecting with old friends, getting inspired can help you get out of your funk. For me, clothes and style have the power to instantly boost my mood, so when I need a pick-me-up, I love browsing through Pinterest and finding ideas for my next outfit. Whatever inspiration means to you, do it and see how you find energy in doing what you love.

Make some changes

Making changes in the middle of a pandemic seems counterintuitive but doing so can bring a lot of positive outcomes. Whether you change your look, your career, or your mindset, change can be good when looking for motivation. Change is often seen as a new beginning, so create that for yourself and see how your mood, energy, and overall optimism improve.