Jamie Abromovitz, created Dreamalings as an educational endeavor to enrich and educate children and adults through entertaining educational content, products, tools and programs to foster a lifelong love of learning through imagination and creativity.

She presents these stories so you can read them to your children at bedtime from your portable tablet or phone.


Before Reading Questions:

  1. How are you doing today?
  2. When people greet you what do you say?
  3. What makes your day a good day?


Silly Sally McFine


And how are you doing, Mrs. Sally McFine?

“Oh, I’m doing just fine, Mr. Finkle McRhyme.”


Zazzy-QAnd the kids?

And the dogs?

And your big purple house?

Oh, and how are your pigs and that cute little mouse?


“Just fine, fine, they’re all doing fine,”said Sally McFine.

“And you, Mr. Finkle –is everything fine?”


Even better than fine!

My life is divine.

My kitty had kittens,

So I’m a grandfather now.


I was really excited, and excited-how!

I ran around the block,

Giving neighbors cigars,


Then I bought some new polish

And shined all their cars.


Oh, and my mom called

And told me some wonderful news…

She’s sending me 100 pair of new shoes!


Zazzy-QAnd my sister;

She’s coming for dinner tonight.

She’s bringing her elephant

And he’s spending the night.


Oh, and yesterday,

I went to bed – dreaming of snow,

And when I woke up…

What do you know?


There were snowflakes

And my house was covered with ice,

And my friends made me snow cones,

Wasn’t that nice!


Oh, and then Mr. Doodle,

The man from next door –

Left a basket of chocolate and fruit on my floor,


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“O.K. Mr. Finkle,” said Sally McFine,

“You’ve said quite enough.

I must go, it’s night time!


You talked and you talked

And then you talked some more,

I really must leave,

I should have left before.


My dogs and my kids,

And my big purple house

Are home waiting for me-

Not to mention my mouse.


So I’m taking those pigs

And those rabbits of mine,

And we’re going straight home

‘Cause it’s past my bedtime!”


“Anyway,”said Mrs. Sally McFine,

“I’ve run out of stories,

 and I’ve run out of rhyme.


And the next time I ask

“How you’re doing” one day…

Please say “Just Fine!”

And then be on your way…”


Copyright © 2002 and 2012, Jamie Abromovitz 
After Reading Questions:
  1. What pets does Sally have?
  2. Why did Sally and Finkle start talking?
  3. Did Finkle have good news? What was it?

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