HalloweenSafetyHalloween can be a fun holiday for the whole family, when done in a safe manner. Depending on the age of your trick-or-treater, costumes and masks can be very frightening for a young child. Children under seven cannot think logically, so they are still unable to know the difference between reality and fantasy.

Pumpkin carving and safety is extremely important. Decorate the pumpkin using washable markers or paint for the young child. Supervise using a knife to carve with an older child. Never leave a candle-lit pumpkin on an unsteady surface, near curtains or unattended outside the door. Use a battery operated flameless candle or flashlight inside the pumpkin instead.

HalloweenSafety• If your child is old enough to trick-or-treat without you, make sure they are with a large group and stay in your neighborhood.

•  Teach your child to stay outside the door and not go inside unless they know them.

•  Have your child dressed up in brightly colored costumes that are age appropriate and fit well. Avoid accessories like swords, plastic knives and masks that are hard to see out. Perhaps try painting their face instead.

•  Check your child’s candy before they eat any of it for unwrapped or tampered candy.

•  Teach your child to avoid strangers and to never trust a ride.

Above all, enjoy this year’s Halloween by staying safe and having fun!