Lets admit it, us moms tend to take the blame for almost everything that goes on around us. One very common thing that mothers tend to do is feel guilt. Whether it is because they feel they don’t provide enough money, time or attention.

PicnicI’ve been a single mom for over a year now, and I’ve had to make some very difficult decisions that not only affect my life, but my daughter’s as well. Decisions like whether I should get a full time job or continue my education. While getting a full time job would mean more income and financial security, I opted in a different route. I decided to continue my education at Arizona State University where I am now a junior and on my way to a bachelor’s degree.

Yes, there has been times when I have felt extremely guilty, and who could blame me? I am a full time student, which means that when I am not busy at school, I’m busy at home doing homework. It has been very hard to see my daughter cry when I leave to school every morning, but I have to accept that it is for the better.

One way that I have been living guilt free is by accepting that I made this decision to be able to provide a better future for the both of us. I have learned that while a full time job would provide a steady income now, an education would create a successful future later.

Another thing that I have found that works for me is giving her quality time. While I can’t give her as much time as I wish I could, I give her as much time as I can. Even if I can only give her a couple of hours a week, I make sure that they are dedicated to her and only her. For those couple of hours I make it a goal to not check my emails, phone or even worry about assignments I have to get done. That time is dedicated to her and only her.

So if you’re a mom, or know of one that is struggling to let go of her guilt. Remember that it is a choice. You can either let it get the best of you, or you can make the best of it. I have found it to make me a better mother because I know the value of time and attention that I give my daughter.

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs out there; don’t let guilt ruin it for you.