Calming Anxiety with the Brain Dump Method

If you’re far along in life, then you’ve probably dealt with your fair share of anxiety. Whether it’s stress from work, home tasks piling up, or a little bit of everything, anxiety is more common than ever.

Between busy schedules and a growing list of responsibilities, it’s no surprise that people are more stressed than ever before. Luckily, there are easy methods that can help calm the anxiety and get your pumped and ready for your future.

If you’ve never heard of brain dumping, you’re in for a treat. In summary, brain dumping is a transfer of knowledge from your brain to a storage medium, such as paper or a computer. Brain dumping is usually used during times of overwhelm and anxiety when you feel overcome by your tasks, ideas, and your future.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, brain dumping has been a lifesaving task. I’m constantly thinking about projects, opportunities, and tasks and can easily turn from excitement to overwhelm.

Close-up Of A Businesswoman Making Agenda On Personal Organizer At Workplace

While brain dumping can’t guarantee productivity or success, it can help you have an overview of everything that is constantly running through your mind. By taking those ideas out of your head and onto a physical object, you clear your mind for more important tasks at hand.

Beginning the brain dumping is easy and practically free. You’ll need a storage method. I would recommend a notebook dedicated exclusively for brain dumping. If you’re more of a tech person, your phone or computer work as well. Make sure that your method of storage is something you find accessible and easy to grab in times of anxiety, overwhelm, or even inspiration.

I’ve found that dedicating time to this task is just as important as completing any other project. I like to carve anywhere from one to two hours of quiet and distraction-free time to sit with my thoughts and vent onto a piece of paper.

Once you feel good about the number of things you’ve gotten out of your head and onto a physical item, it’s time to take action. They say goals without action are just dreams, and I couldn’t agree more. Translate those notes from ideas to actionable items and you’ll find yourself making progress and taking steps in the right direction.