Cause and effect - Lifestyle and Health_Dr. Thomas Tuzzolino Chiropractor_North Scottsdale_healthMost of us realize that we live in a cause and effect world.  If I touch a hot stove, my hand will burn.  If I drive my car and use up all my gas without refilling the tank, I will coast to a stop.  If I choose intelligent lifestyle habits and follow through on them, I will improve the quality of my life, cause and effect.

Each of us has a responsibility to observe how this cause and effect relationship influences our lives, so we can make the best decisions possible on our own behalf.

Think for a moment; many people believe that germs cause disease.  But if that were true, wouldn’t everyone exposed to the germs get the disease?  What could explain why this doesn’t happen?  Could it be that it isn’t the germs, but rather the strength and resistance of the individual that determines whether or not he or she will get sick?

Instead of fighting germs with medicinesThis is one of the revolutionary concepts that makes the chiropractic viewpoint on health care different.  Instead of fighting germs with medicines, chiropractors work with you to get your body working at peak efficiency, so when you are exposed to germs, your body is stronger, and has a better chance of maintaining good function and good health.

How does the chiropractor do that?  Your body’s control center is your brain, and the wiring system that connects the brain to the body parts is the nerve system, which is protected by the spinal bones.  When this protective covering is in proper alignment, then the nerves are protected and the information from the brain gets to and from the body parts normally.

But if the spinal bones lose their proper alignment, then the nerves can be injured, disturbed or interfered with, which may or may not lead to pain right away, but surely leads to poorer body function.

Brain - Cause and EffectIf we live in a cause and effect world, then you want to make sure your brain is controlling your body properly.  When your brain can connect with your body parts, it causes the effect of better body function and better health.  An unhealthy spine causes bad communication, where a healthy spine causes good communication.

Your chiropractor can tell you, whether or not you currently have pain, if your spine is in proper alignment.  If anyone in your family has not had a spinal exam recently, schedule a check-up as soon as possible.


Who’s In Charge of Your Health?

Who’s in charge of your health? Who makes the best decisions for you and your family?  Is it a doctor or other health professional?  Or is it becoming increasingly clear that only you can make the most important decisions about your own health?

For many years, the doctor has been revered, looked up to as an important role model, and that should never change.  Ultimately, however, you are the one who must take the responsibility to choose your daily habits, select which professionals to consult, and make whatever mid-course corrections are required for you to have the best quality of life possible.

Yes, you may depend on doctors like your general practitioner, your chiropractor, or your dentist to give you the latest information, either about a health problem or about improving your wellness and peak performance.  These experts have been trained to notice, compile, and communicate the best ideas and observations, and from there, many people relinquish their control and just accept whatever the doctor says.

Be an active participant in your own health and wellness processIt makes more sense for you to be an active participant in your own health and wellness process.  Remember, the time you spend with the doctor is a tiny fraction of your overall time; what health choices are you making at all other times?  What do you eat, how much do you sleep, what is your typical exercise routine, if any?  How often do you visit your dentist, your medical doctor, or your chiropractor for maintenance or wellness care?  Which specialists would contribute valuable distinctions to this process?  Do you seek out a nutritionist, massage therapists, or personal trainers to help you take your health to a new level of excellence?

It is in no way disrespectful to differ with or expand upon a conclusion your doctor has drawn, especially if you do it respectfully.  It’s not that you should ignore your professional advisors, but remember, it’s your body, and you know it and feel it better than anyone else, and ultimately you reap the rewards or pay the consequences of the decisions made, either by you or on your behalf.  You can tip the scales in your favor by using common sense and following through on taking better care of yourself overall.

Clearly, in times of emergency, you need to change the balance and receive more input, but even in this situation, unless you are unable to participate, you should still play a major role in the direction of your own health and wellness care.

Putting together your team of health professionalsPutting together your team of health professionals will help you coordinate yours and your family’s health and wellness.  Because the better the information you have to work with, the better decisions you can make.  Developing communication among your advisors will coordinate the opinions you receive and give you the final word on what is in your family’s best interest.

The style of health care is changing, and each individual and family will be called upon to add more to health care delivery and to the conditions surrounding their own health and wellness.  Stay current by reading, listening to and watching health related information, and put yourself at the top of your health and wellness decision-making team.  Cause and Effect, your lifestyle effects your health.  Your efforts will be repaid multifold in the form of a longer, better, less painful and more productive life.