Control for men may be available for use in 2018. Finally! According to “The Global Source for Science News,” Vasalgel is a “non-hormonal male contraceptive.” Vasalgel has received positive results during trial runs and should be available for all men to use in only a couple of years. Yay…well at least the women are probably excited by this.

I am sure you are wondering how exactly this birth control works. Is it a little pill that men have to take every day at the “same exact time?” I don’t know about you but I can barely handle that, I definitely wouldn’t put the faith of my womb into my boyfriend’s hands. Thankfully, it is not a pill. Vasalgel is “a condomless, single shot non-hormonal male birth control,” stated by PerfScience.

You may think Vasalgel seems similar to a vasectomy, but it isn’t. The Parsemus Foundation  explained the procedure as “similar to a no-scalpel vasectomy, except a gel is injected into the vas deferens (the tube the sperm swim through), rather than cutting the vas (as is done in vasectomy).” What this means is, if a man decides that he wants his sperm to flow again this can be done, no matter the time frame.

The fact that Vasalgel is non-hormonal and reversible is what is so appealing to both men and women. If Vasalgel comes out in 2018 it will be a new, safe, and reversible way for men and women to be responsible with their bodies. Ladies, we do so much already; let’s really put more of the responsibility on men for a change!

What are your thoughts on this new birth control for men?