woman.looking.in.mirror.feature.On a scale of 1-10, how narcissistic do you think you are? Be honest.

We all have this idea in our heads that narcissists are those who constantly stare at their reflection in admiration. Those people who constantly talk about how beautiful, smart, talented, and AMAZING they are. A narcissist is almost like the ultimate competition; they want to be the best and they want all of the attention.”It’s not like I can be good and you can be good. It’s, I’m better and you’re worse,” stated writer Kira Peikoff from Cosmopolitan. Basically, narcissists think they are God’s gift to humanity. That doesn’t sound like anyone you know, does it?

Well, you yourself may not be a narcissist but the people around you definitely are. According to Psychology Today our society is a narcissistic one…shocking! “…But collectively- in our communities, our nations, our political parties, our sports team loyalties, and, scarily, in our races and religions- we are all narcissists.” I’m not surprised.

Humans like to feel good about themselves and because of that we focus on what we can do to make ourselves feel good. What type of clothes should I buy? How should I style my hair today? What should I have for dinner? What should I do this weekend? We focus on ourselves, it’s just something we do.

Unfortunately, the millennial generation is more prone to narcissism than generations that have come before them. “Millennials  are more likely to value money, image and fame over community, affiliation and self-acceptance” according to Psychology Today. Why is this? Besides the influence of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, why is this generation so infatuated with themselves? Constantly staring at their reflection through selfies and making sure they are nothing less than a replica of certain socialites…what’s going on? If we aren’t careful a mirror may be our next President of the United States.