I’ve tried lots of products over the years and spent a lot of money trying expensive creams and serums. I am happy to tell you the economical home remedies end up being the best for my skin. Others with whom I have shared these easy solutions are hooked, too. See if any of them work for you!

Exfoliate with sugar: 

This couldn’t be cheaper, or more convenient. I am a big believer in exfoliation (especially after age 40 when cell turnover starts slowing down). Years ago, my aesthetician recommended I simply use regular old sugar. It works! I simply wash my face and leave it damp. Then I use a packet of sugar and gently buff my skin for about a minute or two, that’s all it takes. Don’t use a lot of pressure, or you’ll end up with a red, raw face! I know many skin experts recommend only exfoliating once a week, but my skin looks best if I do this about every other night.   Years ago I read Christie Brinkley exfoliates frequently, and she believes that is the main reason her skin looks so darn good – approaching 60!

Eat your Vitamin C: 

Have you seen all the Vitamin C skin products on the market? I’ve tried a number of them and they were all fine – but I did some research and learned that the topical Vitamin C we apply to the surface of the skin only helps a little. What is much more potent for the skin is the Vitamin C we eat. I make it a point to fill my diet with low-glycemic (low starch) Vitamin C foods. My favorites? Cabbage (both red and green – I use it for salads instead of lettuce), broccoli and sweet potatoes. I know oranges are the classic Vitamin C source, but they make me break out!

Drink 8 glasses of purified water a day: 

I know there are many health experts that believe this old rule is unnecessary for adequate hydration, and it probably is. However, I have found that when I cut my water intake below this, my skin is noticeably drier, and my lines and crow’s feet noticeably harsher. So I do it! Drinking this much water does require frequent trips to the bathroom – bummer! – but the effects on my skin are worth it to me.

Use pure coconut oil (or any pure oil) as a moisturizer: 

A little while ago I learned that skin is our largest organ. I saw a dermatologist to the stars interviewed, and she said that she advises all of her patients to only use products on their skin that they would eat. Pure products, like olive oil. I started rubbing olive oil into my skin years ago, but I found something I like better. My daughter turned me on to organic coconut oil. Her girlfriend used it throughout her pregnancy, and in spite of a heft weight gain, she didn’t get any stretch marks. I picked up some at Trader Joe’s recently – only $6.95 for a big jar, and it smells yummy. It makes your skin glow, and so soft! Just be sure to only use a little bit, otherwise you’ll be oily.

But remember, as closely as you follow these tips, you must also work on decreasing the stress in your life to also ensure you skin appears as ageless as possible!