not losing weightOh no… here it comes again. “I’m eating less, eating healthier and working out more. I’ve done everything right, but it’s still not working for meWhy am I not losing weight?I hear it so often that it’s beginning to haunt me in my dreams; people consistently fail to lose weight despite doing everything right. How is this possible? I get this question all the time and it is never an easy answer because every body is different. But, there are some common mistakes, in my opinion, that may cause the body to not lose weight or feel like nothing is changing. First, we should all STOP dieting. I believe that to lose weight lifestyle changes must be made, but to deprive and drastically reduce calories will only set you up for failure. With years of personal experience and working with others, I now understand my body. I listen to my body and treat it with the utmost respect and care, which is what I try to teach my clients.

So here are a few cold, hard truths about why you’re not losing weight.

  1. You deprive yourself.

whole foodsYour list of can’t-have food is so long that you are constantly looking at what you CAN’T have. In fact, you’ve been so strict with yourself you can’t remember the last time you ate a doughnut, candy bar or slice of pizza! Then, like so many times before, you give in. You find yourself scarfing down something taboo and now you’re mad at yourself. So you think, “what the heck? I’ll just eat everything on my forbidden list to get it out of my system. I’ll start my diet over again tomorrow, or next week.” The problem is, you can’t get it out of your system because it doesn’t work that way. Binge eating starts to take place, which will wreak havoc on the metabolism and body. Solution? No more setting yourself up for feeling deprived. In fact, no more dieting. Take the focus away from that list of bad foods and emphasize those that are good for you. If 80 percent of the time you eat a wholesome diet of fruits, vegetables, some whole grains, lean meats or other sources of protein, then the other 20 percent doesn’t really matter. Enjoy that glazed doughnut, but just one. If you want another it will still be there tomorrow. After all, doughnuts, candy bars, pizza or whatever you enjoy won’t disappear any time soon.

  1. You’re usually good, but…

food-portionsYou always watch your portions, start every morning with a healthy breakfast and eat healthy options through the day. Then there are days you meet friends for dinner, a birthday pops up, vacations or dining out happens 3-4 nights a week. This all adds up. The inconsistency of food and overeating begins, and most of us know how tough it is to stay away from the bread served before dinner. Now I am not saying NEVER go out to eat or partake in a celebration, but if you are always asking “why is my body not changing,” consistency is the answer. Consistency is key to dropping the pounds. Researchers involved with the National Weight Control Registry found that those who eat similarly day after day are more likely to maintain weight loss than others. Just stop derailing yourself and stay on track; you will get there. Again, stop dieting! Start making small changes you can live with. Find ways to celebrate that don’t involve high-calorie eating (like a manicure) or take half of that restaurant meal home to celebrate again tomorrow.

  1. You don’t have enough muscle.

The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. Fat and muscle tissues consume calories all day long whether you’re running, reading or sleeping. No matter what you’re doing muscle weight and an apple rips through more calories than fat. That is why men burn calories faster than women; they have more muscle. So add some muscle. Start weight training and have a plan. Resistance and strength training is necessary for building muscle, but also helps you burn more calories through the day. So LIFT THOSE WEIGHTS!

It is a lifestyle and everyone is different in how they live their lifestyle. I have worked with many people including myself and bottom line there is not a magic formula….train hard and consistent, eat right and stay positive. I hope these tips help, you will get there!!!

Felicia Romero

Owner | Felicia Romero’s Fit Method