Dog and toyChristmas is a wonderful time of the year, and a great time to shower your furry friends with gifts.

But if your pup is anything like mine, you really have to examine the toy before buying it because it won’t last long.

Grace is notorious for destroying a toy in about 2.2 seconds flat. Because of this, I have shifted away from buying too many toys, especially expensive ones.

So here are some great DIY dog toys for your furry friend, and they make great little gifts for the other pets you may know. The best part is, you probably have most of what you need already lying around the house.


Tennis ball with treats

Take a tennis ball and cut an opening on one side. Fill with treats and give to your pup. This is idea is like the Kong toy that you can put peanut butter in. It makes for a great game for dogs who need mental stimulation.

Crunchy bottle

Take a water bottle and place it in an old shirt or tube sock. Cut the ends and tie a knot so it looks almost like a candy in its wrapper. These toys replicate the water bottle animals that dogs love for the sound they make.

Rope and tennis ball tug toy

If your dog loves tug-of-war then these are great toys. Get strong rope and a tennis ball, cut a hole on either side of the ball, and thread the rope through it. Secure each end of the rope with a knot.

Interactive toy

Tennis Ball Over WhiteTake an old PVC pipe, cut holes in random places, and fill with dog treats. Your dog will have to learn how to move the pipe around so the treats fall out of the holes. Another great toy for those who need mental activity.

Colorful pull toy

Take old tee shirts, cut them into strips, and braid the strips together. Then tie a knot on either end. This is similar to the felt rope tug toys.

These toys are fun and can be great for any dog. Put some together in a cute stocking with treats and gift to friends. Happy Holidays!